Thursday, July 31, 2014

One Down, Two to Go

One of the things I love about my job is its proximity to the Test Kitchen. And with it, a certain redefinition of the typical corporate meeting. Powerpoints include stunning, mouth-watering visuals. Prototypes aren't etched on flip charts, they are edible. Speeches, even the long soliloquies, tend to be salivating. And there are less pen strokes, more fork lifts. Simply put, my job tends to be quite delicious.  

The problem is, earlier this month, the food quotient of my career became an enemy. Something in my stomach flipped and the charge to show, test, taste and take notes on burger after burger, thin patty after thick patty almost lead to several job-ending upchucks right in the middle of my beloved Test Kitchen. 

In the nearly three weeks since I have last written, headaches, nausea and fatigue have ruled the better part of my days. But in an effort to diminish the pervasive plague's role in my life, there were other great things that happened.

Mary learned how to go down a slide by herself. 
And alongside a friend.
We went to the Zoo. 
And to the beach. 
IMG_9638IMG_9640 IMG_9646
We got to hang out with old friends. 
And meet some new ones. 
We had a short visit from one cousin. 
And a longer visit from another.
We boated with Kiki.
And plunged into chilly Lake Michigan waters.   
The grass grew. 
And it was cut. 
The house got dirty. 
And it was cleaned. 
The gherkins were harvested and pickled. 
And more bubbles.  
I held my breath as I tasted the control patty. 
I thought non nauseous thoughts when I tasted the thicker, juicier burger. 
I focused on just taking a bite of the pickle when I tasted the deluxe. 
I drank lots of water.
And I avoided several near projectile situations.  
My top button popped. 
I moved into roomier jeans. 
And I got a first glimpse of the little peach rapidly growing inside me. 

Yep, number two is 13-weeks on its way. And Peter and I couldn't be happier; both that Mary will be a big sister in February and that I'm finally over the rocky waters and back loving my McJob. 



  1. Chuckling out loud....glad you got over the upchucks.
    Can't wait until Feb. seems like a long time away.